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Alternatively there is a mac app called appCleaner by freemacsoft that does most of the work for you it looks for associated files and grabs them then deletes them its pretty fantastic and will do clean uninstalls of pretty much any program not just office. Stellar Speedup Mac is another choice to remove Leftovers of any application including Office for Mac It cleans those files which weren't removed by the OS X at the time of uninstalltion. This is the free feature of the software.

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Uninstall Office for Mac - Office Support

Earn Credits. Step 5: Removing Receipts.

Step 6: Removing Custom Templates and Fonts. Step 7: Removing Fonts. This user data folder can be found in your Documents.

Part 1. Why Mac Users Uninstall Office 2016?

References How to geek. AceOfSpades Apr 9, at pm. Priyal Stellar Info Tech Apr 14, at am. User has only Office icons in the Dock. Nothing to do in this scenario, because everything's cool already.

User has a mix of Office and Office icons in the Dock. If both Word and Word are in the Dock, we're going to assume the user wants it that way, and we aren't going to mess with it. But if Excel and Excel are in the Dock but only Word is in the Dock, we want to switch that up to be Word If this isn't a MathType user, let's switch these all up for Office User has no Office icons in the Dock. Leave it alone. If the user doesn't want shortcuts to Office, don't put any in there.

The tricky thing about changing up Office icons in the Dock is that dockutil goes by name or bundleid to add, and both the name and the bundleid is the same for Office and Office applications.

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So I wrote up a script that checks based on the dockutil --list output to see if the Dock icon is for or not. It may not work exactly for your organization, but you can see the logic in there, and it's easily tweakable. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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