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The RAW image format is basically an image source file that has not been processed.

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It stores the original information captured by the digital camera, and there is no loss of information due to image processing such as image sharpening, increase color contrast and file compression. But we need to use dedicated software to open these files. Another common format is JPG, the camera will base on the user's settings for image processing, compression based on quality setting in the camera and storage.

RAW is a commonly used format by professional photographer because it preserves original information, allowing significant post processing task by users, such as adjusting white balance, exposure level, color contrast settings; it is especially helpful for novice to remedy failed photos, and the photos are able to be restored to original state regardless of any changes from post processing task.

JPG is a very popular image format and commonly used by almost all modern digital cameras, most computers are able to open the JPG files, the user are allowed to set the degree of compression to retain the level of quality the best JPG quality is very close to RAW , so it is a very convenient format. At present, there are a lot of software able to convert RAW to JPG, but it is very important to select one that is useful and professional, so we introduce to you how to use AppleMacSoft Graphic Converter.

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Below are detailed step by step instructions:. Download Graphic Converter for Mac version: 1. Step 3: Click the "Add images to convert" icon at the top left corner to import the RAW photos that you want to convert. Step 4: You can set the output parameters at the right side of the interface. CNet Review Very Good.

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Try Free. Buy Now. Beautifully Designed image watermarking in batch mode by following a three step wizard! Improved Clone and Heal.

Transparent images are now supported Improved Pencil in Draw Board to draw smoother lines Fixed a bug that may crash the program when changing browser from details view to thumbnails view Fixed a Google Maps launch problem Other minor improvements and bug fixes. Fixed a bug that caused copy and paste failure in Design and Print.

Supports monitor color profiles.

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You can enable this option in the CMS tab of the Settings Supports different bright or dark skins for dual instances Improved compatibility with various scanners Fixed a vulnerability that may cause program to crash on corrupted or ill-intentioned images Other minor improvements and bug fixes. Version 6. Added support for.

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Added multithreading support to the built-in batch convert tool. Enhanced the Import Photos and Videos tool.

Enhanced the internal Video Player Increased the maximum time interval from 5 minutes to 1 hour in slideshow Other minor improvements and bug fixes. Added an internal video player that: Remembers last position Auto-plays next video when current video ends Plays video in slide show Note: We do not provide video codecs. Third party codecs may be required for old versions of Windows Enhanced rendering quality of annotations in Draw tool Improved support for high bit-rate mp3 in slide show Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

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Version 5. You are now able to auto-rotate an image by tracing a line along the edge of a building or the horizon Improved drag-and-drop between dual instances Other minor improvements and bug fixes. Supports dual instances. Improved Dark Skin Fixed some bugs. Added support for unicode filenames throughout the software. Optimized the program to support larger images Fixed a bug that might cause the program to crash when pressing W key to open the containing folder Other small improvements and bug fixes.

Now you can press 1 to 9 to select a pre-defined destination folder Many other improvements and bug fixes. Version 4.

These buttons will be visible if the image has GPS information Many other small improvements and bug fixes. Added a Minimize button hidden at the top-right corner of the screen to full screen mode.