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The Tube also sports a new TV engine that improves image quality, even when reception is poor, and also optimizes power consumption. The new IPTV Channels offered cover a range of genres and include many topics from Computers, Technology and Science to exclusive reports and even classic animation. A portion of these new additions are available in HD-quality. MediaCentral now offers over video and radio streams under one roof. The spectrum for quality content is becoming broader and richer, expanding the endless possibilities of MediaCentral.

Fascinating and interesting content that users find and wish to see added to MediaCentral can be sent to equinux via the MediaCentral website www. MediaCentral, equinux' media center integrates all kinds of media formats in one application and turns a Mac into the ultimate home theater system and information center. The Template Editor allows each of the templates, included with iSale, to be easily edited to fit the user's needs. Additionally, iSale 5 simplifies the search for product information and pictures for your auctions and can import product details from your database.

Import and search for product information With the new Research Assistant, product descriptions can be easily taken from FileMaker databases and Delicious Library and then added to an auction per mouse click. Additional plug-ins allow you to research product information, as well as pictures, using Google, Amazon, the ISBN Database for books and any other website a user might wish to use. The Research Assistant saves all of the information it collects in a folder, so it can easily be copied and pasted into your auctions.

Manage and Archive Auctions Anyone who wants to let his contacts know about any upcoming auctions, can post running auctions on his Facebook profile. And iSale 5 makes it possible to manage multiple libraries, allowing users to archive old auctions. The user interface reflects the style and design of Leopard, as well as the other features from Leopard that seamlessly integrate into iSale. And all customers, that purchased their iSale license after December 15th, can upgrade for free at my.

Users can now take full advantages of using their Parallels Desktop virtual machine and the high security standards that come with using VPN Tracker 5. VPN Tracker 5 securely connects your Mac with remote networks to easily access files, servers and emails. VPN Tracker was completely rebuilt from ground up in Cocoa to ensure the best user experience and highest security yet. About SWsoft SWsoft soon to be renamed Parallels is a global leader in virtualization and automation software that helps consumers, businesses and service providers optimize their use of technology.

The company's software is used by more than , customers in countries. The SWsoft product line includes Virtuozzo Containers - the leading operating system virtualization solution, Parallels Desktop - the leading desktop virtualization product and Plesk - the leading server control panel. Founded in , the company has offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

For more information, visit www. And with The Tube software that comes with TubeStick hybrid, users can even chat with other viewers during each TV show. Nearly ten months after we started to reinvent digital television on the Mac with our The Tube software, we're more than happy to provide our solution to US customers as well", says equinux CEO Till Schadde.

The TubeStick hybrid has a white, minimalist design and is one of the smallest devices in its class. It comes with a white compact antenna and a break-out cable, that allows users to connect to their camcorders, analog video recorders and game consoles using S-Video or Composite. With The Tube you can schedule recordings of your favorite TV shows, manage them in a library and sort them by name or by date. Remotely Manage and Access your Favorite Recordings Today equinux also introduced TubeToGo, an optional web-based service that allows you to remotely schedule, manage and watch your recordings with your iPhone or iPod on the go.

TubeToGo lets you remotely schedule recordings via a web-based iPhone application, and publish your recordings library on. You can also setup The Tube to automatically create Video Podcasts to watch your favorite shows on the go, even when you're offline. TubeStick hybrid is exclusively designed for the US market.

TubeToGo will also be available from February on a subscription basis. During the Macworld expo, equinux accounced the upcoming release of iSale 5, the fifth generation of its award-winning online auction manager for Mac OS X. Fine-tuned User Interface and Template Editor iSale 5 comes with a brand new user interface, designed perfectly for Leopard, making it easier to manage and create online auctions. To ensure each user's highest satisfaction, iSale 5 comes with a Template Editor that allows users to edit and change all auction templates, already included with iSale.

The new Text Engine controls the formatting of the text, and offers a larger scope of design. The Web Research plugin helps the assistent to collect article information from various websites, as well as other eBay auctions. The research assistent can also import information from FileMaker and Delicious Library. The plugin then stores all information and pictures in a visible clipboard, making them easy to use for future auctions.

All iSale purchases from today on already include a full license for iSale 5. Customers who have purchased iSale after December 15th, will receive a free upgrade to iSale 5. Today equinux introduced The Tube 2. Using the new TubeTalk feature, TV viewers can chat with one another about the current program or even follow other users as they channel surf with BuddySurfing.

For every running television program, there is a visible chat room, in which all viewers can use to chat with one another. In the channel list, each viewer can see how many viewers are currently watching the running program for each channel, as well as when new messages are being sent. Each user can create their own profile, complete with user name, picture and status. The only thing needed to register is an equinux ID. To make it easier to find other users, you can search under all available profile information, allowing you to add your TV buddies to your TV buddy list.

BuddySurfing - let your buddies channel surf for you Any true couch potato will be excited about BuddySurfing in The Tube 2. With just one click, you can automate your TV surfing, by setting The Tube to automatically switch the channel along with one of your buddies. So when your buddy changes to channel 1, 3 and then 6, The Tube will automatically change your channels to 1, 3 and then 6.

Recording and Navigation made easy Even if you manually start a recording, The Tube 2. And The Tube 2. Once you have a program scheduled for a recording in the EPG, The Tube automatically grays out any other shows during that time slot, so there won't be any problems with overlapping. Even if the computer is in sleep mode when a recording is scheduled, The Tube will wake the computer up when the recording begins and switch it back to sleep once the recording has finished.

Easily Find and Save Recordings To find saved recording faster and easier, simply search by name or date and search for keywords in the description texts, to help you easily narrow your search. Users can even search via Spotlight, now that all recordings are saved in the Movies folder. Prices and Availability Registered users can immediately download The Tube 2. VPN Tracker 5 has been completely re-written from the ground up and optimized for use on remote workstations. As well as an entirely new user interface, VPN Tracker 5 also features a greatly improved IPSec engine and a number of useful features for working within workgroups.

Intelligent user interface reduces support overhead VPN Tracker 5's new user interface makes it easier to configure and manage connections. The interactive help system points out necessary settings and uncovers configuration errors. To avoid possible connection errors, VPN Tracker scans the error log and suggests what needs to be done to fix the problem.

This helps to reduce support requests. Exported connections can also be locked and encrypted for additional security to prevent unauthorized editing of connections. Higher Security and faster connections with the new IPSec Engine The new interface is great for mobile users, but they'll also really appreciate the new IPSec engine: Thanks to the improvements made to this part of the application, VPN Tracker 5 can establish a secure IPSec tunnel in a third of the time than before.

VPN Tracker Player is the prefect extension to VPN Tracker Professional in large scale installations, and provides system administrators with an easy way to manage and tweak the user's access to the VPN settings on mobile workstations. The added features in iSale 4. All iSale 4. Once registered with Macbay. Users can create their auctions directly in iSale with all necessary data and assign auction photos with just a click of a button. The high-quality templates included with iSale 4. With Stationery Pack, Mac users will benefit from a set of high quality stationeries that give emails more flair using prebuilt email templates for nearly every occasion: No matter if you want to invite colleagues, congratulate friends, send holiday greetings to your family, or just express your feelings, Stationery Pack provides templates that customize your email messages in a more personal way.

You can sort all stationeries in an intuitive source list by category or by keyword. For years, equinux has been using Cocoa, Apple's highly preferred Mac OS X application development system, instead of old-fashioned Carbon libraries. This enables all equinux products to take full advantage of the latest Mac OS X technologies and be prepared for any future system updates. The most recent software in equinux' portfolio, The Tube, is a good example of these technological advantages.

As The Tube was designed from the ground up to utilize Cocoa technologies, equinux was able to add new features very quickly. This has enabled equinux to set itself apart from the multitude of other software products.

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That's why it only makes sense that all of our consumer products are compatible with Mac OS X This foundation gives us a greater scope of possibilities for future product development," says Till Schadde, CEO of equinux. With this new release, equinux grants the wish of French speaking Mac users and improves the overall stability of iSale. We'd like to thank the largely growing iSale community for their support in this endeavor," says equinux CEO Till Schadde. After a successful four-week public beta phase, the release version of the most modern TV software for the Mac with scheduled recordings and a free electronic TV Guide EPG is now available.

The Tube 1. If The Tube isn't running at the time of the show, it will start automatically. Now that these features can also be accessed via Applescript, equinux is offering 3rd party developers the opportunity to add even better support for The Tube to their own applications. Visual feedback assists in programming recordings Thanks to its visual feedback users see at a glance if multiple scheduled recordings overlap.

The Tube indicates the conflict with a yellow warning sign in the scheduled recordings overview. The Tube will also automatically indicate which shows could potentially conflict with previously scheduled recordings whilst in EPG view. The integrated search field helps users to find interesting shows by not only searching through the names of shows, but also in EPG descriptions and genres. By clicking on its name, the user can choose to only view the TV guide for that specific channel. Share TV Tips with friends Users can now share their tips for current, upcoming and scheduled recordings with their friends: By right-clicking a show within the channel view, EPG or recording archive, The Tube lets users create a link to that show.

When the recipient clicks the link, The Tube will open and display the TV tip directly. Users who would like to find pictures or further information about a show can start a Google search from the context menu. MediaCentral users new have a wider choice. MediaCentral even includes european channels like EuroNews and several local technology and entertainment programs.

The newly released MediaCentral 2. It improves compatibility with Apple's iTunes 7. In addition to various IP TV feeds, MediaCentral offers numerous other forms of entertainment - movie trailers, YouTube videos, music, movies, a skype interface, iPhoto slideshows and online albums like. Mac or flickr. MediaCentral incorporates the simplicity of Mac OS X by integrating the Apple Remote, allowing its users to easily and conveniently browse through the channels and navigate through MediaCentral's intuitive user interface.

Users can also opt to extend scheduled recordings by a few minutes before and after the scheduled times, to prevent cut off recordings. The Tube will also warn of scheduling conflicts. Thanks to the free EPG functionality, scheduling recordings is child's play. Additional information about TV shows can also optionally be displayed. Additional information and images for upcoming shows can easily be searched for on Google via the context menu. We believe that this information should be made freely available to all consumers.

The Tube software is included with every TubeStick. Mac users can now experience even more success than before, with iSale 4. The wide selection of templates allows iSale users the opportunity to make their templates look as professional as possible. The latest addition of templates a total of 32 incorporate a range of international flags to highlight regional specialities as well as predefined layouts that use a "highlighter" look to draw attention to the auction title. Not only does iSale offer more styling options than any other eBay solution, but it is also the only application to offer a sensible structure for your item description.

Templates structured to give your auction everything it needs Every template in iSale includes areas for an introduction, description area, fields for shipping as well as payment options. Every template also includes a footer section for any additional information you might want to include to make your auctions more appealing.

The only thing left to do is simply add the pictures to drop zones and size them accordingly. Prices and Availability Registered iSale 4. Now that the TubeStick can be used on both platforms, it allows its users to be entirely flexible - switching back and forth, between Mac and PC. All system requirements and aspects of compatibity for TubeStick are listed on the equinux website.

Today equinux released a new version of its TV software, The Tube. With The Tube 1. You just have to select the recorded shows and choose between three different qualities to directly save them in iTunes. It also increases stability on G4 and G5 Macs, making the program overall more reliable. Finally, The Tube 1.

Make sure to get your copy today! VPN Tracker 4. This version also fixes a minor problem with certificate handling. Upgrades from previous versions are available. With the new iPhone, Apple is not just revolutionizing mobile Internet and mobile communication, but also the way you can browse through your music collection on your iPod: Using the wide display touch screen, you can search through your entire music collection with just one finger - just pick the album you want, flip the cover over and select the songs you want to hear.

All users wanting to benefit from this intuitive user interface concept will have to manage their iTunes music library. Anytime you buy a new song from the iTunes music store, Apple delivers the album cover right along with it. The majority of people import their music CDs into itunes, making it easier to store their music all in one place - the iPod. The search in the iTunes music store is simplified While iTunes automatically looks up the track information for any CDs you insert, finding the right cover for your CD can be more difficult: Since the release of iTunes 7, you can choose the command "Get Album Artwork" and it will automatically search for missing covers - of course all covers automatically come from the iTunes music store and there is no way to see if the album covers chosen are the ones you want to have.

As soon as the program starts, CoverScout gets all the songs from iTunes and presents them in a concise list. The overall design incorporates different colors and symbols that let you know - in just one glance - which album covers are missing, which ones are available and which ones have ID3 tags. CoverScout saves lots of time With just one click, CoverScout will search all Amazon websites as well as Google images for all missing cover albums. The results will be displayed in the Cover preview, allowing any images you choose to be applied to the songs.

There's just no easier or faster way to complete your iTunes music library. Of course, you can always just manually search for each cover one song at a time , but why do all the work yourself, when CoverScout can do it for you? CoverScout loads your entire album and sorts all music albums for you, making it easier to search for covers. Now, in the rare case you can't find the covers you're looking for on the Internet - there's no panic.


You can just use your iSight camera or any other camera compatible with Quicktime to take a picture of the actual cover and later edit it in the CoverScout editor. No matter what it takes, we've got you covered. Apple hat seine MacBook Pro-Notebooks aktualisiert. Plus, MediaCentral shows all recordings from The Tube. With just one click of a mouse, MediaCentral 2. Channel information, signal strength and the next program are shown by MediaCentral as soon as a channel is selected.

On top of these new features, MediaCentral 2. Not only can DVDs now be ejected without an attached keyboard, but the application is generally more stable and other minor issues have been fixed. Registered users can update to MediaCentral 2. A complete version of MediaCentral 2. Auf Knopfdruck zeigt MediaCentral 2. Eine Vollversion von MediaCentral gibt es ab 29,95 Euro. With this newly added picture service, iSale-users can avoid eBay-fees and store currently up to one gigabyte of images - enough space for all your actions' photos.

More Buyer-details stored in Address Book iSale 4. With just a glance at your Mac OS X Address Book, you can view all relevent information regarding any of your previous buyers. Many auctions - just select the ones you need Now within iSale 4. This expanded feature is ideal for iSale users who have large libraries and need and easier way to group, print, export or even delete multiple auctions all at same time. Just apple-click each of the desired auctions to easily perform routine maintenace. More Template layouts With the update to iSale 4. Furthermore iSale 4. This update is free to all registered iSale 4.

A free trial version of iSale is available on the equinux website. VAT and are available at the online store as well as through equinux Authorized Resellers - pricing and availability are subject to change. This latest version, VPN Tracker 4. New partnership with D-Link D-Link is known as successful manufacturer of networking and connectivity solutions for all kinds of environments, from small business to enterprise solutions and perfectly fits in to equinux' strategy of offering secure VPN solutions for businesses of all sizes.

TotalSecure stands for all-in-one security that combines hardware, security services, reportings and support. With these devices small and medium-sized businesses can realize secure networking solutions and together with VPN Tracker they are able to securely connect to the company network. To configure VPN Tracker for all compatible devices, users only need to select the device profile and follow the enclosed configuration guide.

A complete compatibility overview can be found on the equinux website. The update to VPN Tracker 4. Licenses of VPN Tracker 4. All features of VPN Tracker 4. Distribution Information The equinux product portfolio is available through distribution partners from all over the world. In the U. From now on, The Tube-Users will never miss the the right time to start a recording. Timeshift with intelligent disk space management How far back users can rewind a TV show depends on when the channel was selected and how much disk space The Tube has been assigned.

Once a channel has been picked, The Tube 1.

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  4. The current show can also be rewound back to the point when the channel was selected and recorded from that point on. An intelligent algorithm adjusts how much disk space The Tube is to utilize and adapts it dynamically, depending on how much space is left on the harddrive. Connecting to Apple TV, iPod and iMovie Not only can recorded shows be exported to a video iPod at different video qualities, The Tube can now also export recordings to Apple TV, using one of three different image quality settings. The new iMovie export feature enables the use of Apple's iLife application to edit recordings, e.

    TV-Guide at a glance In order to see what's on, right when the software is launched, The Tube stores the lastest EPG electronic program guide information and neatly displays the titles of currently running shows in the channel overview. This enables users to see all the currently running TV shows at a glance immediately after launching the software. Furthermore, The Tube 1. Audio channels can easily be switched with a simple click. Which countries until yet use DVB-T you'll find on dvb. From now on paypal is also accepted! Nach dem Update auf The Tube 1.

    Update auf The Tube 1. Hinzugekommen ist eine Timeshift-Funktion, mit der sich Fernsehprogramme zeitversetzt anschauen lassen. The wait is over: equinux continues shipping its TubeStick Special Edition together with a full license of MediaCentral. Due to an overwhelming demand, the popularly-priced DVB-T-Stick with the new The Tube application was totally sold out shortly after the launch.

    No matter if we are in our office at Musikwirtschaft or on the road - I'll never want to miss the TubeStick anymore. Great news for music lovers everywhere! We've just released 10 new music and instrument related templates for iSale 4. So whether you have a tuba to trade, sheet music to sell or a clarinette to clear out - make sure you check out our latest fantastic templates for your next iSale auction.

    All iSale 4 users will get these templates automatically the next time they start the application. You're successfully selling on eBay? Tell us your story and win! You are frequently using iSale and have built-up your business around selling items on eBay using iSale? If so, let us know! We're looking for your personal success story to publish on our website. And there isn't much you need to do in order to receive great exposure for your business. Just answer the questions in order to be qualified for an interview.

    All entries will also automatically take part in our raffle for a chance to win an equinux consumer software product MediaCentral, CoverScout, On Air or iSale of your choice. And what was your motivation? Don't miss your chance to win free software and increase awareness for your business. Am ProDay werden Sie erleben was einen Xserve auszeichnet.

    Sicherheit geht vor. Sind Sie ausreichend abgesichert? Am ProDay zeigen wir Ihnen, worauf es ankommt. Mac Pro jetzt mit 8 Prozessorkernen. Und das tun sie auch nicht. Das ist rein grafisch betrachtet nach wie vor sensationell Der neue Mac Pro stellt drei verschiedene Grafikkarten zur Disposition. Sonderaktion am Aktion nur am Berechnet wird nach Aufwand. Wir wollen, dass Sie die richtige Wahl treffen und noch lange von Ihrem iPod begeistert sind. The update will be installed automactically via the integrated update-function.

    TubeStick integrates seamlessly with MediaCentral, the complete media center solution from equinux. For a limited time only equinux will send you a fully functional version of MediaCentral 2. Pricing and availability TubeStick is available immediately. The product will be sold through Apple Retailers and in the equinux Online Store.

    Durch das Update auf Version 1. Einladung zum equinux iDay, Freitag, Gut, dass bald Ostern ist. Digitales Fernsehen ist ein Genuss und enorm unterhaltsam, vorausgesetzt man hat die richtige Ausstattung. Mehr Anfassen. Mehr Action. Mehr Apple. Neugierig gemacht? Besuchen Sie uns und seien Sie live mit dabei. Wann: Freitag, Now the price is too. The device also works seamlessly with equinux' own media center solution, MediaCentral.


    And for even greater flexibility, those locations can be exported and transferred to other Macs. Simple channel surfing Users can easily switch to the channel they want by selecting it in the Channel Overview or by using their Apple Remote. The Channel Overview also displays the titles of all shows currently running.

    An intelligent window Watch TV while you work! TubeStick's flexible TV-window can be set to 'always-on-top' and adjusted to different window sizes. When resizing windows, they will automatically zoom back to their original position on the screen's edge or corner using the innovative "SmartZoom" feature. This is particularly handy for when you have briefly maximized a window and want to get back to work. Record TV and take it with you If you haven't got time to watch your favorite TV channel, simply record it with a single click.

    And afterwards, you don't only have to watch it on your Mac: TheTube's export feature can transfer any recording to your iPod, so it can be watched on-the-go, wherever life takes you. TheTube saves a preview image and information such as the shows name and length in the intuitive TV-archive. Endlich auch der Preis. Aufnehmen und mitnehmen Ist die Arbeit spontan doch wichtiger als die Lieblingssendung, nehmen Sie die Sendung einfach auf.

    Per E-Mail erreichen Sie uns unter apple equinux. Without a license, the software is fully functional for 30 days all connections will be terminated after three minutes. Licenses can be obtained at local Apple retailers or in the equinux Online Store. This update is free for all existing VPN Tracker 4. Furthermore, the compatibility with Cisco Pix devices has been improved. Existing VPN Tracker 3. Volume-pricing is available. Get more information and a full featured trial version of VPN Tracker online. The template development team has focused on sports and sporting goods for this release, delivering high-quality designs for popular categories, including:.

    With this release, iSale now features 65 professional templates and even offers advanced users the option to create individual templates.

    von Universidad Anahuac Querétaro

    The templates are available free of charge and will be automatically downloaded the next time iSale is started. More information on iSale can be found on our website. The development team focussed on sports this time, delivering high-quality designs for popular categories like. With this release, iSale features 65 professional templates, and still offers the option to create individual templates for advanced users. The templates will be downloaded automatically when iSale is started, and they are available free of charge.

    Just in time for the Apple Expo Paris, equinux has announced a significant update to its media center application, MediaCentral.

    With this release, MediaCentral 2. The application is not the only thing international, MediaCentral's content is available in many languages and includes online content from all over the world. By supporting IP TV, live television streams are available to keep the user informed with the latest news from their preferred locations. The user can also continue to work while watching news or any other TV program - the application's window always remains in the foreground and is resizable small, medium, large or full-screen mode.

    The latest release of MediaCentral has also improved the performance and even includes a few bug fixes to boot. It's available for download immediately. For more information, visit the MediaCentral homepage. Licenses are available through the equinux online store and as always, this update is free to licensed 2.

    By choosing iSale, the jury acknowledged the product's functional elegance and seamless integration with Mac OS X Tiger. Motivated by the first Award, the development team at equinux implemented various new functions and improvements, listening closely to customer expectations and feature requests. This year's award is an impressive affirmation of this strategy. For more information and a trial version of iSale please visit www. Furthermore, the latest release adds many minor enhancements, improved stability and bugfixes.

    „Aplicaciones + Medicina “ - Kostenloser Kurs von Universidad Anahuac Querétaro in iTunes

    This maintenance update includes several improvements and bugfixes. Uploading pictures via FTP and adding supersize pictures to auctions will now work more reliably. Integration with Google Maps and Apple Mail has been optimized. Watch and Hit counters will always display correct values. Activating and deactivating licenses has been simplified. To avoid loosing formatting information when applying a template to an individually formatted auction, iSale now warns before applying a template.

    Today equinux is announcing a barrier breaking new version of their popular media center solution for Mac, MediaCentral. The long anticipated release of MediaCentral 2 is a must-have for every Mac user. From easy customization of local and network content to first class online content, MediaCentral is like no other. The main menu of MediaCentral gives a glimpse of it's powerful capabilities. Using the latest technologies, MediaCentral provides unparalleled online content.

    MediaCentral brings the best of live and prerecorded entertainment to your Mac. Whether you decide to add a new radio station or favorite home video, MediaCentral offers endless accommodations to fit your needs. MediaCentral is currently localized in German and English. It comes standard with a detailed English manual. A German manual will be available by August. Additional information and the full featured MediaCentral demo with a five minute time restriction are available online. Availability and Pricing MediaCentral is currently available online and will be available as a boxed retail version in the near future.

    End user purchases can be made in the application using the "Buy now" menu item in MediaCentral. For Commercial and Academic use, equinux offers volume licensing. This option is available in the equinux online. The update is free for all existing VPN Tracker 4. Furthermore, it fixes various issues with remote DNS servers when Mode Config is used for client provisioning. Download VPN Tracker 4. If you are a VPN Tracker 3. Many of the issues in version 1. The other big announcement with this latest release is that it is Universal.

    That's right, any one with a new Intel Mac will be able to benefit from this universal binary. Other improvements include stream-lined camera configuration, automatic recognition of your iSight as a local camera and further optimization of On Air's integrations with Apple's iSight camera. This update is free to all existing On Air users. Download On Air 1. The award-winning software company equinux today introduced a new application called "CoverScout".

    CoverScout helps to find and apply thousands of Album Covers to your iTunes music library in a simple click. By adding CoverScout to our already wide range of consumer products, like iSale and MediaCentral, we intend addressing the needs of demanding music listener, who not only want music but also the Album Covers that come along with it", says equinux Marketing Manager Paul Prescott. The application searches for appropriate covers using Google, Amazon, the iTunes Music Store library or any other website. CoverScout is able to handle huge music libraries as it can perform multiple search operations for album covers at the same time.

    Once the correct cover has been found it either automatically or semi-automatically attaches it to the music files in your iTunes library. The covers will then be displayed in iTunes and also on your iPod. CoverScout is available immediately online and will be available as a boxed retail version in the near future. Version 1. Additionally, there is a dashboard widget which provides users key information about running auctions. One interesting new feature is the RSS feed in combination with a. Mac account. With this new cross-platform technology, individual auctions can be easily publicized for potential customers.

    For example, Safari users under Tiger can then see all auctions from one seller with the click of a button. Even for Panther users there are many new and useful functions in version 1. Mac exchange users can put all their auctions on the iDisk of their. Mac account and restore when needed. This offers access to the auctions from anywhere. There is also a new email link to let everyone know about an auction.

    Download iSale 1. For users always on the go, version 4. VPN Tracker 4 boasts even more new features. You can attach dates to individual notes, and even link them to events in your calendar. Notes that are On the Agenda are given special status. You can search for them more easily, and they get added to a special overview in the sidebar so you can find them in a flash. Styled text is as easy to edit as plain text, but allows meaning to be added, leading to visually stunning documents without breaking a sweat. Styles include headings, lists, indented blocks, and preformatted text.

    You focus on the meaning of your notes, and leave Agenda to handle the appearance. The resulting documents look fantastic, are consistently styled, and can be readily converted to other styled text formats like Markdown and HTML. You can drag them around, apply dates, or use a mixed approach. You can also collapse notes to save space.

    Aplicaciones + Medicina

    Agenda is a notes app that has excellent support for tasks. It supports different list styles, including checklists, and allows mixing tasks with more extensive notes. You can also use the Agenda archive format to exchange exact duplicates of your notes with other Agenda users, including any attached files. You can use it forever, at no cost. Agenda does offer extra premium features that require an In App Purchase.

    If you decide to purchase the upgrade, you permanently unlock all current features across all of your Macs and iOS devices. Even better, any features we add in the 12 months following your purchase are included, and permanently unlocked as well. All yours to keep. Genre: Video Erscheinungsdatum: This feature needs to be unlocked with an in-app purchase, but you can check the compatibility of your TV before the purchase.

    HiSuite Huawei Technologies Co. Huawei Mobile Assistant supports two-way import and export of pictures and videos. Safe and convenient operation, such as a simple drag and drop to complete the picture or video import and export, click the space bar to call the system software directly to preview the picture or play video. Slack Slack Technologies, Inc. Hake deine To-do-Liste ab und treibe deine Projekte voran, indem du die richtigen Leute, Unterhaltungen, Tools und Informationen, die du brauchst, alle in Slack miteinander verbindest.

    Wir hoffen, dass du Slack einfach einmal selbst ausprobierst. Versuchen Sie es! Diese erhalten Sie online unter www. Shazam Shazam Entertainment Ltd. Genre: Musik Erscheinungsdatum: Erkenne jeden Song in Sekundenschnelle — ohne dein Handy aus der Tasche zu nehmen! Damit bieten sie den ultimativen Schutz vor Onlinebedrohungen.

    So kann Sie niemand mehr tracken. Es gibt aber immer mehr neue Bedrohungen, die gezielt Macs angreifen. Formatieren Sie Ihre Notizen nach Wunsch. Verwahren Sie Ihre privaten Notizen sicher. Erledigen Sie mehr mit OneNote. Erfahrt hier warum ich Nebo so gut finde und Notability damit ersetzte. Und zwar nennt die App sich Nebo. Nebo erkennt eure Handschrift und wandelt diese in Text um. Das besondere daran ist, das Nebo die Erkennung simultan mit eurem geschrieben macht.

    Die Erkennung in Deutsch und Englisch klappt bei mir sehr gut. Ein weiteres Feature welches Nebo von der Konkurrenz abhebt sind Gesten. Satz Textmarkern. Einen Satz oder Wort einfach bzw.