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I really like this project. I've used it at a couple of different places and everyone is always impressed with how easy it is to use. Art Duo Security.

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Cloud Hosted Our cloud platform offers a Frequent Updates Snipe-IT is improved constantly, with new releases every few weeks. Dedicated Support Our full-time in-house support team is ready to answer all technical difficulties customers may encounter with any of our products. Oregon N.

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Montala continue to manage the project in addition to providing commercial hosting, support and development services relating to the software. ResourceSpace has been released under a BSD-style license. It requires shell level access for features like thumbnailing. A particular focus is on the improvement of collaboration between users when assembling resources together for a project.

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Users can create custom 'collections' which include resources and saved searches, which can be shared with other users. Collections work like a shopping cart on an e-commerce site, and are always visible in a strip at the bottom of the screen.

Free Mac Windows Linux Website. Phraseanet can store, manage and share a wide range of digital resources such as images, videos, audio or office documents within working groups of any size.

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Free Mac Windows Website. Southpaw understands that each company has its own specific workflow requirements.

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By any measurement, TACTIC is set to dominate the Smart Process Application market through its robust utility, adaptability and its rapid adoption across industries and organizations worldwide. Commercial Mac Windows Website.

Photo Supreme is cross platform, single and multi user Digital Asset Management software. Photo Supreme makes it possible to manage image files, categorize with photo details and embedded metadata.