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For more advanced editing techniques, check out the excellent video tutorials available free on the official site. The basic version of DaVinci resolve is packed with advanced editing tools, and more are available as add-ons if you want to try a more adventurous project. Free video editor Avidemix puts you in total control over audio and video encoding — ideal for creating new projects and converting existing videos. OpenShot works together with Blender see below to deliver 3D animations and special effects alongside everything you'd expect from a timeline-based video editor.

If you're looking for something more advanced than iMovie, but less intimidating than Lightworks, give ShotCut a try. Its interface is easy to grasp, and its set of customizable filters are superb. See more Software news.

Playback video, check. Add a title and hit render, then I waited Then, I checked htop , and nothing happening but I couldn't cancel out of the render. Oh no. So, my take was that maybe this one can do the job if you don't want titles? It's free closed source competitor, so it may possibly be more useful? I don't know, but I moved on. With Lightworks , I thought: Lightworks played a very large part in the professional video market about 10 years ago and was used by many PC based studios. It has cut some really cool films along the way and was very expensive then as I recall.

So, these days they have released a free version for all platforms. This version gives you all the rudimentary things that you may want, and there's an RPM or deb download available. It installed without issues, then when I double-clicked the icon, nothing happened. No OpenGL, no video, no worky.

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Could someone try this out and tell me what it's like? Or, if you're feeling generous, throw me a nifty laptop with at least a Nvidia M in it please. For Avidemux , I installed it and opened it. Are people using this for editing? I looked at this as I've seen so many other writeups mention this as a editor which it most definately isn't. I moved on. For Cinelerra , I tried to download it and found the homepage had no download link at the time.

I noted that the team there seems very focused on the Ubuntu user. Then, I downloaded, extracted, and opened it. I brought some video in, hit the garish, big green tick to accept the import, hit play, and found that it didn't work.

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KDEnlive is a relatively new discovery for me. I installed it, opened it, lay down some tracks, and cut with my "industry standard" keyboard shortcuts. All seemed pretty smooth. So, then I overlayed the end of one video over the start of another video track so that I could apply a transition, but I couldn't find any.

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The list of transitions was bare. Hmmm, maybe I have to go back and find out why this is. By the time I got to Blender , I was really starting to get disheartened. I've looked at Blender in the past but it was a totally different paradigm than anything I had used before professionally. For a start, the keys we all wrong. But, I was back and not about to be defeated. I searched YouTube for something to help, something that wouldn't take me days to go through the basics. Here's a list of a few that I found useful. And, after about 30 mins of watching, I got started.

I imported the video clips that I needed, check. I laid down the first video track, check. I was begining to get excited. I started cutting my 45 minute clip down to 5 minutes. Blender has markers: Cutting long clips without markers is an exercise in futility. Avid started the marker trend and it was a godsend. By using markers with the "m" key you can start to map in real-time, while you're watching, where you want the cuts to happen.

And once you're done watching through, you can skip to each marker and make a cut. You can then non-destructively delete the clips that you just cut. You can then automatically close the gap between each of the cuts so you're not screwing around trying to line up the ends of each consecutive clip. Creating transitions was really simple too and reminded me of using Adobe Premiere. There are some "normal" transitions too, ones that you would expect to see on a film or TV drama, rather than just the "fractal swirl-over fade-back bubble" transition that all of the other apps seem to love.

Another nice thing about Blender is that the audio is able to be unlinked from the video. There are many uses for this, and I was happy to see that I could do it so easily. The next thing I tried was titling. You can go the 2D or 3D route. I chose the 3D route as this can give you much more flexibility for reuse. So, I overlayed this over the video perfectly, and then I chose the format and size that I wanted to render out with, and hit the GO button. It rendered out fast and perfectly.

I have found my new, open source video editor: It's a true suite of tools that I would say can go head to head with the best of what I've used in the VFX industry. And, I'm genuinely surprised! In addition Thank you for this summary. I have been looking for editing softwares for linux and I think I will download blender. I also used pitivi, but I don't now, I can't even upload a video there soo..

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I didn't have any problem getting OpenShot to run. It was a little crashy, but I figured out the apparent cause of the crashes and was able to work around it. More on my blog post about it from year. But in Ubuntu Kdenlive has all of the filters available so not sure how you installed but for me it was as easy as opening the software center and installing it, it installed everything else needed by default.

I have only played with Lightworks a little bit so not all that familiar with what it can do but I do know it required a 64 bit install only as of the last time I checked. I don't get a good realtime preview because of my antiquated computer, but I can still watch every frame to see the effect by turning off realtime viewing , it just takes a little longer or render a small section.

It does crash occasionally, but autobackup seems to work fairly well. It does tend to be a bit more of a memory hog than say Cinelerra. Cinelerra has two particular strengths of which I make use, its images stabilization capability combined with the ability to easily set up a simple render farm on several computers. This is very useful for me since I tend to use 'non-state-of-the-art' computers.

I've tried Blender, but I always got frustrated with converting all my videos to a particular format that Blender was happy with. Maybe I need to just buckle down and fight through it for one video just to give it a fair chance. You can also split audio from video tracks - it can use a whole bunch of Audio plugiins, if you just want do keep the Audio internal to KDenlive. You could though export a low-res version of the video edit for use in the like of Ardour DAW so as to key audio events to the video.

You can then either import the final stereo Audio from your DAW and make it the soundtrack muting any other audio tracks It has 2D title animation built-in, but somewhat basic. I personally like Blender and the latest 2. Fits my needs and I'm sure can do even more than I use it for if you took the time to read up on all the features etc.

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I do really like Win7 but I also like mint and kubuntu. I use avidemux a lot but had not tried blender, will look at it. Hi, I had a similar experience to you over the past few years especially with PiTiVi. I would recommend going to an Ubuntu variant as I've had much better luck. I recommend Ubuntu Studio It also has a slimmer window manager xfce without effects that keeps your CPU cycles and memory working for your video editing and not flashy effects in your window manager.

If you map the windows kep to open xfce4-appfinder it functions very similarly to standard Ubuntu with a few minor variations in keybindings for workspace management. It has become my one stop shop and I'll likely never try out another variant now. Back to video editing though, Kdenlives transitions and effects were a bit weird to me as well when I was transitioning from Premiere and Vegas, but once I got the hang of them, they are fairly intuitive.

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I now use it as my video editor for all my family videos and I've found a very efficient workflow. The developer has also made a lot of headway in getting realtime feedback into the preview so you can see your parameter modifications of effects and transitions in realtime. I haven't used it in anger, but for all of my simple projects its worked very well. The few times it has crashed the autobackup feature has always had almost all of my changes in it whether I've saved recently or not. That being said when I was doing serious work with 3d and titling I used blender quite a bit. I even coded up my own plugin so I could use gimp as an effects processor which was slow, but allowed me to use gimp plugins I had found for effects.

That was quite a while ago and Blender has come a long way and is much more scriptable now like you said. If you do a lot of different aspects of video production, paying the tax of the Blender learning curve is a very worthwhile investment as it has pretty much everything all in one place which makes the workflow great.

I hope I can get back into it in the coming years as my kids grow up! Yeah, I figured you wouldn't be jumping on the Ubuntu bandwagon. Maybe eventually someone will do a similar "Studio" distro of Fedora hint, hint Thanks for bringing visibility to multimedia related software in Linux It has an easy to use and easy to understand interface with many different features and editing tools to assist you in video making and editing so that your edited videos have the best quality. Be sure to download these apps and start making videos that will capture a lifetime of memories that you can keep or share whenever.

By Drusilla Thornsson September 24, Back to Learning Portal. Buy Now. Download for Free Download for Free. Table of Contents. Movavi Video Editor Edit and enhance videos easily Add stylish transitions, titles, and filters Stabilize and reverse video, equalize sound, and more Edit videos on your Mac computer. Download for Free. Article for Windows Users.

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