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How to migrate data to a new drive in macOS

Buy these parts. Before you begin, connect your old macOS drive or a Time Machine backup drive to your computer. If you forgot to make a backup of your old SSD before upgrading, you can install it to an OWC Envoy Pro external SSD enclosure to transfer any data you need as shown in this guide, and then keep it as an external storage drive.

After the Migration Assistant window opens, do not press Continue until you are ready to begin the migration process. Pushing continue will automatically force close any open applications and log you out. After you are logged out and taken to the Migration Assistant screen, select the first option: transfer From a Mac, Time Machine backup, or startup disk. Migration Assistant will list any connected macOS or Time Machine drives across the top of the window.

A Guide to Backing Up Your Mac with Time Machine

If the drive you have selected is a Time Machine drive, Migration Assistant will list all the backups available from which you can transfer information. Select the backup you'd like to transfer information from, and click Continue. Once you begin the transfer, a loading bar will appear and cycle through each of the data categories that you selected on the previous screen applications, documents, etc.

When the transfer is complete, the Migration Complete window will appear.

Time Machine Tutorial: Back Up Your Mac

Once all of your data is migrated, you can format your old drive and use it as an external drive with an SSD enclosure , or sell it for someone else to use! Cancel: I did not complete this guide.

Badges: Difficulty Very easy. Steps 7. Time Required 30 minutes - 3 hours.

Sections 1. How to migrate data to a new drive in macOS 7 steps. Flags 0. Parts Buy these parts. This means that, from SugarSync's perspective, the two machines are indistinguishable.

Before you start

SugarSync will then treat them as the same computer, and will overwrite any changes you make instead of syncing them. To be able to sync data between your old and new Mac, uninstall SugarSync on your new Mac, and then re-install it.

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SugarSync will then be able to recognize your new computer as a unique device, and it can resume syncing normally. To re-install SugarSync on your new Mac:. Note: This initial re-sync requires some time to complete.

How to migrate data to a new drive in macOS - iFixit Repair Guide

How long it will take depends on the number of files on the account. Use the link below to download and reinstall the SugarSync application. NOTE: if you are redirected to your folders, click your username in the upper right corner, choose Log Out, and try the link again. When prompt to sync the same folder, select No , and then click Next. Type in a name for your new computer.