Mac os x kill stuck process

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Page content loaded. Oct 3, 4: Oct 3, 5: That makes me suspect that maybe you have a 3rd party kernel extension running on the system, or you have a real hardware problem, as you say it can be any program that hangs.

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  • 6 Ways to Force Quit Mac Applications.
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Does the problem still occur? If it stops, then that is a very strong indication there is a 3rd party kernel extension causing problems. Cannot force-kill a process, even with Terminal More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search.

How to end/ quit a process on a Mac

Ask a question. User profile for user: It's an interesting idea, but way too much work, since there are 70 processes and over half taking up 0.

2) Force Quit Currently Active Mac App with the Keyboard

I was hoping figuring based on the power of UNIX , that there would be a command to hunt down the "stuck" process. Darkshadow wandering shadow Jun 18, Well, what do you mean by stuck?

How do you know it's stuck? As to those zombie processes you see in ps - they're not actually there anymore, and aren't using up any memory They may dissapear after a while, or may not, but they're not going to harm anything.

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  5. This is the first part of my top output Processes: Load Avg: Ps makes an educated guess as to the file name and arguments given when the process was created by examining memory or the swap area. The method is inherently somewhat unreliable and in any event a process is entitled to destroy this infor- mation, so the names cannot be depended on too much.

    Jun 18, What's the difference, anyway? Mostly interested When I find out how to find the stuck process, then I when I do run into a problem, I can hunt down a stuck process to see if it's the culprit, and then kill it. Mareo Raft Registered Dec 29, I also would like to know how to find the process that the top program says is "stuck".

    How to force an app to quit

    It was included in the answer because it is typical that processes have numbers in their name. The important thing is to match the name of the process you want to kill. You can access this feature through two ways. This can be useful if you memorised the keyboard command and in the rare case that Finder misbehaves and freezes along it too.

    OSX: Three Ways to Kill or Force Quit System Processes and Programs - EtherealMind

    Yes, it kills applications. That's my point! There's a background process on my machine that sometimes causes the machine to slow down massively. Force Quit doesn't show it. Activity Monitor can be used to show all processes and kill them through there. You can quit them or force quit them within the application. Madison S Madison S 1, 8 8. Try the following command in terminal to list and search for process using a regex: Or use, killall as suggested before.

    How To View And Kill Processes on your Mac

    To reiterate another useful suggestion, use man kill to see the manual for 'kill' command and also scroll down and see related commands which is mentioned under, "SEE ALSO" section. Amit Amit 1 1. Alex Alex 41 1. This assumes you have admin or sudu access. Steve Walker Steve Walker 21 1.

    "stuck" to find and "kill"

    Why not select the process and hit the "Force a process to quit" button on the top left corner? Related 6. Hot Network Questions.