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Have you provided a link to the log file? If not please do so by clicking the 'Upload Log' button on the Launcher's console and paste the link Have you posted what your problem is in as much details as well as the steps taken to get that problem? If you have done those things then your all good If not, please use the 'Edit' button below your post and add that information RyanTheAllmighty or someone else will get back to you shortly, hopefully with a fix.

How to Switch to the New Launcher on Windows

Yeah the Mac App requires Java 6. The only workaround is to just use the jar version, either from the website or from within the app itself. Just browse into the app where the ATLauncher jar is and just pull that entire folder out. I believe all the instances and everything is in there, so copying everything out of that and into a folder somewhere should work. I hope this is something that can be fixed in a future update.

OS X - Minecraft requires old Java SE-6 | MacRumors Forums

JRE 6 is not possible for some of the packs found in the launcher. For those wondering, the workaround is to run the jar in the app folder via Terminal. For example, assuming ATLauncher is in your Applications folder you would type: Yeah Java 6 is required for the Mac App to launch as it uses Apples wrapper which only uses the Java 6 binary from Apple.

The packs will still work as the launcher will search and find other java installed and use that for launching Minecraft so no issues there. The packs will still work as the launcher will search and find other java installed and use that for launching Minecraft so no issues there I download ATLauncher onto OS X Apple gives me a wrong message. I google the message. In many forums people are told, watch the half-hour video about installing on Windows.

Actually the problem is to change the security control panel on the mac.

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Run ATLauncher again. I'm told I need Java 6. Install Java 6. ATLauncher now runs On top of this, most website links for Java for Mac actually point now to Java 8, which I read remains fairly incompatible with ATLauncher and with many mods. Most sites link you only to Java 8. Featuring multiple realistic views, this elegant tool behaves just like a fluid bath mechanical compass equipped with a locking outer-ring…. Read More With these compasses, the rotating dial and the background are independent and spin freely. Some parts of the devices can be operated by a swipe gesture.

The designs are faithful renditions of genuine drawings.

They are either inspired by actual inventions, or by old maps' compass roses. Augmented Reality Tilts as you move Clearly marks path Choose your own direction. I started looking at the bug reporting system and noted several tickets addressing or related to the issue. They seemed to be largely ignored.

After some more exchanges with MojangSupport, they basically said they were billing and account support. For other support, submit a bug report to an ignored bug reporting system?

How to fix Legacy Java SE 6 Runtime Popup on Mac

Anyone see a problem here? Apparently they have no actual customer support for this kind of problem. One theory is, of course, speculation about the effects of being purchased by Microsoft.

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Maybe Steve Ballmer was sent over on a last contract project to teach proper support etiquette? Another is that maybe Apple has a new version of tweaked Java in the works. Whatever the reason, Mojang is being quite unprofessional.


At the very least, let us know what is going on! Also, some in the Minecraft support community have been telling me this has been around since Mavericks was introduced, as that is when Apple stopped installing Java by default. Good news!

It appears Mojang is actually working on a fix. And, what is even better is that this should be a pretty comprehensive fix, with rebuilt launcher and bundled Java to try to get everyone on bit, the latest version, and kept up to date. Aside from taking WAY too long and not communicating well, kudos Mojang!

Mojang releases the fix! This way, everything should always be running the latest and greatest, and the install is as simple as any other Mac app. You just drag the.

What New Changes and Why Does It Matter?

Here is the announcement of the new Mac Minecraft installer for anyone interested. Of course, you can get this by visiting Minecraft. A real fix needs to come from Mojang, in terms of a new launcher that properly recognizes other Java versions or the latest version , as well as install instructions for Java as needed. In other words, try this at your own risk. As noted above, there seems to be an unresolved Java issue where version 7 and 8 automatically use a dedicated GPU if available vs integrated GPU. This might impact battery performance negatively until resolved integrated GPUs typically use far less energy and might be quite capable of running Minecraft.