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I just upgraded to Yosemite, and sometimes perform outbound cellular calls from my Mac using my iPhone. However, if I call a company that has a phone menu I have to enter specific numbers to choose from those menu options. Yes, it is possible. Numbers can be entered using the keyboard.

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Place a call from Alfred using your iPhone (Mac OS X Yosemite & iOS 8) ยท GitHub

You'll also receive a pop up on VoiceMac with the SMS conversation, and the ability to reply directly from within the app. There is one final thing that must be done to send and receive phone calls on your Mac and respond with your webcam or external microphone. It's still a Google platform, but it functions on its own. Head on over to Google Hangout webpage and download the extension for your Mac. Once it's added, you will see a filled-in black chat bubble on your Mac's bar.

From this point on, for our use, you can click on that bubble to open up a little side menu that allows you to make phone calls. All you gotta do is type in the number you wish to call and hit enter. If you answer, then Google Hangouts will open up and allow you to speak just as if you were on the phone. Now, all of your devices are connected to one phone number. It keeps everything organized, easy, and connected while leaving you the flexibility to take care of your social life anywhere you are, at any time, with any device, and there is no need to wait for Apple's "Continuity".

Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. I too have this issue. I have a iMac inch, Early with Yosemite installed. I also have a Macbook running Yosemite and it successfully makes continuity calls using my iPhone 5C.

Use OS X 10.10 Yosemite to place, receive phone calls

My iPad also successfully makes calls via my iPhone 5C. The problem is isolated to my iMac only. I have tried everything, I double checked my wifi network to ensure they were the same, I recycled power to the wifi devices, re-installed Yosemite. SMS relay works fine on all devices, just not able to make and receive calls with my iMac. Please help! Could it be my iMac doesn't support this feature??

Oct 23, PM in response to greendevil16 In response to greendevil I don't believe the problem is that iMac supports the phone call feature or not, because as long as it it supports Yosemite it should support the feature. Phone calling requires an iPhone with iOS 8 and an activated carrier plan. I did see that on the Apple site so I did not think it was my iMac specs that could be limiting my ability to use this feature.

How to enable or disable call relay on the Mac

This is a real head scratcher One other point, I can receive incoming calls on the iMac too; however, when I click on the iMac to answer it says, "Call Failed". So the computer rings, but cannot answer. Oct 24, AM in response to greendevil16 In response to greendevil Oct 24, AM.

Making phone calls on iMac not working with / Yosemite OS / IOS 8

Oct 24, AM in response to corydchurch In response to corydchurch. Handoff sometimes will not work, or it might lag, or might not reconnect when I leave and come back to the computer. But a restart seems to fix that. I wish the same would happen for phone calling like you described hahah. It's weird that FaceTime isn't working though. Oct 24, AM in response to mdrodriguez4 In response to mdrodriguez4.

FaceTime wasn't working due to my office network i guess. Oct 24, PM in response to corydchurch In response to corydchurch.

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There is no option to select "off" on my iMac. Only options available on my iMac are; auto, manually, or Link-local only. Oct 24, PM. Oct 24, PM in response to greendevil16 In response to greendevil But that advice was to actually make sure that Configure IPv6 was set to "Automatically", since "Link-local only" apparently caused issues for some people. My settings are set to "Automatically" as well.

I have no clue what that does, but I've seen that settings suggested before as a fix. Might be worth a try?