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Test for Unicode support in Web browsers

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Free Thai Fonts

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Turn on East Asian language features in Office for Mac - Office Support

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Add a comment… Remove Attach a File. Sign in prestine. Post comment Submitting FontSummarizer is a utility for Macintosh computers that allows some of the tables in a font to be dumped to a text file. Among other things, it can produce a list of glyphs in the order in which they appear in the font together with their Unicode hexadecimal reference and Unicode name, and a list of glyphs ordered by their Unicode hexadecimal reference. It does not seem to be able to work with fonts in the Fonts folder; you need to make a copy somewhere else and work on the copy.

To copy fonts from the System Folder, Option-drag them to another folder or the Desktop.

About the Script

FontSummarizer is available as a free download after agreeing to the terms of the font tool license from Apple - Font Tools. Characters can be mapped from these proprietary encodings to Unicode, allowing Macintosh Web browsers to view sites in many languages.

How to install the Language Kits. It is available by mail order from Thai Toolkit software for Apple Macintosh.

Apple warns against installing Language Kits on Mac OS 9 that were intended for earlier versions of the operating system. Commercial language kits for Mac OS 8. TrueEdit runs under Mac OS 9 and is intended for use by developers rather than end users, so please read the manual carefully, work on copies of fonts not the ones in the System Folder , and do not save any changes.