View itunes backup files on mac

Backup iPhone Photos Backup iPhone Calendar Backup iPad Bookmarks View iPad Backup 2. Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup 3. Undo iPhone Restore 5. View iTunes Backup 6. Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup 7. View iPhone Backup 8.

Find the Location of your iTunes Backup

Restore iPhone Without Updating 9. Delete iPhone Backup 2. Undo iPhone Backup 3.

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Delete iPhone Backup on Mac 6. Backup iPhone Contacts Without iTunes 7. Export iPhone Calendar Print Contacts from iPhone Save iPhone Messages Print Messages from iPhone Upgrade Jailbroken iPhone Export Emails from iPhone Hide Messages on iPhone Part 1.

Where to find iPhone backup files Part 2. How to open iPhone backup files Part 3. How to access and view iPhone backup files on computer. Part 2. How to Open iPhone Backup Files.

Extract Photos from iPhone Backup

To be able to get these files via restoration: Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB known to work perfectly fine. Launch iTunes and make sure you are using the latest version. When iTunes backs up your iOS devices, it stores them in a location that isn't easily accessible. You might expect these backups to be in your Music folder with the rest of your iTunes content, but they are not. Furthermore, iTunes does not let you change where its backups are stored.

This is in the Library folder in the home folder; that's the folder with the house icon and your user name. You can show a backup in the Finder or in the Windows Explorer from iTunes. If you right-click on a device, then choose Reveal in Finder , or Show in Windows Explorer , iTunes will open a window with that backup selected.

You can change where iMazing stores backups of your devices. You might want to do this to store them on an external drive, for example, so they don't take up space on your computer's startup drive. Please read our guide on changing backup location for more information on the subject.

How to Locate and Find iTunes Backup File on Mac OS X

While you name your iOS devices, and both iTunes and iMazing display these names, your backups aren't named the same way. Step 3 — A window will then open up on your display.

How to Find iTunes Backup

Step 5 — A file explorer window will then appear, and you will be able to view iTunes backup. Follow the steps below to view a specific iTunes backup which has been taken on a computer running Windows 7, 8, or Step 2 — This will open up the app data folder, and from here, you can find a wide range of data which is stored by the different programs which you have installed on your computer. Step 4 — From here, you will be able to view all of the backups which iTunes has taken on your computer.

Download iMyfone iTransor Lite.

Step 4 — The menu which follows will prompt you to select the different file types which you want to be extracted. If you are looking for something specific in your iTunes backup, select the appropriate file type. Step 6 — You will then be shown all of the different backups which are currently stored in the iTunes backup directory. Once the scan is complete, you will be shown a complete breakdown of the data which is stored in the backup.

Data Recovery. Have you accidentally deleted data which is stored on your iOS device?

How to extract your videos from an iTunes backup

Not a problem. With this program, you can recover the lost data from a backup which you have taken regardless of where the backup is stored , and gain access to the data once again. View iTunes Backup on iCloud.