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Top 20 OS X command-line secrets for power users

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How To Dual Boot Mac OS X Parrot OS (2018)

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Basil Bourque Basil Bourque 3, 11 49 Each release of OS X already contains local copies of manual pages for command line programs, so there is no need to point elsewhere and why Apple no longer maintains a set of pages for each release at their web site. I could not find up-to-date editions of that site. I don't know what might be out of date -- that's the issue.

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So while this site may be better than nothing, it is certainly not good for current discussions. I do appreciate your posting, I just wish there were up-to-date and specific-version editions of the man pages on the web.

It appears Apple took down that section of their site For most of these commands, you can get more documentation using the "manpage" system: Type man followed by the command name. For example, man lsof displays the manual page for the List Open Files command.

Scan your local wireless environment from the command line. The airport command-line utility does the same and a lot more.

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It shows you the numeric signal strength for every access point, the channel used, and the encryption level, if any. But you can create a symbolic link to it using the one-time command below.

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Then just type airport -s in the Terminal's command line to get the detailed scan report. If you don't get any output, turn Wi-Fi on in the Network system preference. Current Job Listings. To create a symbolic link to the airport command: MacOS Unix Macs. Get expert insights from our member-only Insider articles.