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This cheating scheme may mean that most Rangers players were improperly registered with the football authorities because they had dual contracts. This matter is due to be considered, but it has been decided that there is a case to answer. The owner over twenty years David Murray used the club as a vanity project. For his ego. He gambled the club away and all the time telling the fans everything was ok. If it was my club I would want to read the book by the journalist who was first onto the story.

Q: Do you think that your irony and mockery about Rangers economical woes might make your book look like an unobjective one despite having lots of facts and truths in it? I am a Celtic supporter and I am glad that Rangers died. However, that does not take away from the fact that what I said would happen did happen. I was right and they know it although they are not big enough to admit it to me. However, I am delighted that these problems have befallen them. I am sure the people who live in Barcelona, Pamplona, Seville and Valencia will understand my low opinion of many of the supporters of this club.

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  4. Q: Do you expect the Rangers support to be more critical about their club after reading your book? A: Yes, the more intelligent ones. They were mis-informed by the people who owned and killed Rangers. Now the new club which is trading as Rangers owe it those fans to be honest with them. Q: What do you think about the economic model Celtic are following now buy cheap, sell big and have profits?

    It has helped them to avoid economic problems, but Celtic's influence in European competitions has decreased since the Sevilla final against Porto in A: Celtic are tightly financially controlled. There is a clear correlation between wage levels and success. It was unsustainable. The death of Rangers is a good warning to any club who thinks they can live beyond their means. Q: When did the Sun contact you to publish some of your book's chapters? Did they like the idea of publishing you?

    What do you thought after their late U-Turn? Some reputed journalists have defended your work and have received pelters from lots of people on Twitter, why? On the Sunday of the interview the newspaper was threatened by Rangers fans.

    Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and the Problem of Objectivity

    Q: What's your opinion on social network's influence in journalism? It's a fast way to read info, but some tweets are pure lies and journalists can believe them in order to be the fastest to publish an "exclusive". A: Social media and the rest of the digital revolution has turned traditional journalism on its head. Q: It's a sensitive subject, but I read that you have received some death threats. Could you describe how this happened?

    What type of dangerous threat did you receive? Have you ever thought about leaving your work due to these threats?

    Minority Reporter - Scotland's Bad Attitude Towards Her Own Irish

    Did you have these troubles before, just, or after writing your book? A: The first serious threat was in I reported it to the Irish police and they were great, very professional. I have discussed the situation with my family I have three teenage children and they support me in my work.

    Q: The Irishmen suffered a lot when they emigrated abroad, and Celtic's foundation is in part a consequence of this suffering time, do you think the Irish are fully integrated now in the Scottish society? A: Employment equality was achieved for the Irish ethnic group in Glasgow in the Irish in New York reached this milestone in They demand to be treated with respect. Economic discrimination is a thing of the past the recent past. Now the culture and the public agencies have to catch up. Scotland can still be a disrespectful place to people of Irish ethnicity.

    It is a slow process, but we are getting there. The triumph of Celtic over Rangers in the year feud is, perhaps, a nice way to frame how the good guys won! Premier League. Arsenal FC. Chelsea FC. Crystal Palace. Everton FC.

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    Liverpool FC. Manchester City FC. Manchester United FC.

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    Newcastle United FC. Southampton FC. Stoke City FC. Swansea City AFC. Tottenham Hotspur. West Bromwich Albion FC. Much of which could be suggested has eminated from the Boardroom of Celtic Park and their past links with Labour and Westminster office; one cannot escape that fact. Think of Brian Wilson and John Reid and indeed Galloway to name a few tarnished individuals linked to the British state and therefore in a sordid way the promotion of anti Irish views.

    Only in a new Scotland, free from Britain will we ever grow up beyond this bile of sectarianism, who is truly religious and devout or staunch nowadays anyway. If you are religious at all either side you avoid sectarianism anyway. These guys are neither Protestant catholic nor Roman Catholic. They never darken the door of a church from January to December.

    Muttley79 There is no old firm Rangers where liquidated 18 months ago, and for someone who doesent support either Celtic or Sevco, you make a good case for the latter. Second and third generations have simply continued with the politics of their fathers. Take out the reference to Ireland and put in Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Polish or Italian and tell me if you would make that same comment? And if you would, how many replies would you have had by now giving your right bollocking! Frankly, I am tired of hearing it described as a Scottish problem.

    You can hardly expect Rangers FC to reform if the British state refuses to do the same, and more specifically, the Crown. It will be solved with a new relationship between the individual and the state, and for that we need a secular republic. By the way, if there was a similar situation in England — say London had a big French Cathlolic population, and there was a civil war going just across the channel in the north of France — this would have been solved ages ago.

    Sectarianism has been allowed to fester because it manifests itself far away from London.

    - Phil on clyde

    Just like Ravenscraig, just like Trident, just like the social and deprivation of industrial Scotland, and all the other issues we need independence for to solve. I think it coud be acknowledged the Scottish contribution to its development…….. Davy, the most important thing in terms of a solution is the relationship between the state and the individual today, in in Scotland, rather than history and the past.

    Obviously Scotland has its own anti catholic story too, but that is true of many other countries in Europe where there is now no problem between Catholics and Protestants at all. Why is still happening in Scotland and what can we do to solve the problem? The first question is, what example is the state setting today?

    The British state has set the example that Catholics are not be trusted. If the state has that attitude, then it obviously follows that certain sections of the armed forces, the police etc will follow the lead.

    This is a very complex issue for short comment. A distinct and separate identity from the Catholic European mainland which was perceived as foreign, politically complex, troubled and troublesome. Protestantism and the fear of Counter-Reformation Catholicism was at the heart of the Anglo-Scottish union; the English considering Scotland a weak link that needed to be tied in to the cause. This cause was largely a product of English not Scottish history. We Scots do not fit neatly into this.

    Our relationship with Europe was quite different from that of England as was our less sanguinary religious history. Ireland having a longer period of Anglicization than Scotland has been exposed to the raw edge of the them and us divide that still drives the English attitude to Europe; Ukip being the latest manifestation. Like the English historical experience the Irish one has essentially little to do with us.

    We have strong ethno-cultural ties with Ireland which are part of our national identity but as we approach a major change we must shed this cult of sectarianism. It is an acquired syndrome, it is not visceral and should be scotched.

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    • Phil Mac Giolla Bhain: "Rangers fans were persistently mis-informed by their club and media".

    There was mass persecution of protestants in France for centuries, and yet they seem to have solved that problem a long time ago. Why has the British State not done so? I never cease to be astonished by people who seem to base their core outlook on life over a few events that happened several centuries ago. Maybe better for the people living in Scotland to think about our plans for the next years rather than divide ourselves over the past years! And your evidence for this sweeping assertion is? I make no judgement on that fact, simply pointing out that you are wrong.

    My reply to you Murray is that I would also be astonished if that is what people were doing. However, and I can only speak for myself and with a certain degree of confidence, many in the Irish community in Scotland, when I say that anti-Irish racism and anti-Catholic bigotry are alive and well in Scotland and we experience it to varying degrees now — not years ago — now, today.

    But kidding yourself on is what you would be doing. Dear Reader an impeccably placed sourced notified me apropos the release of the book The Squad by Phil Gillivan. A cheap William McIlvanney facsimile. Furthermore, one would posit that I have seldom read a more cliche ridden piece of garbage. The book is filled with leaden pompous prose and a plot that appears to have been thought up after an extended liquid lunch. A genuinely awful book. Not a very bright fellow giving this a one star. Forgive him, as his clubs deid.

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