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It is also a very good synopsis of all event based or non event based reminders. For me at least, EN does the job elegantly particularly when paired with Smartsheet for team endeavours. These are my "do-whenever" tasks The note is tagged as! Actionable, reminder is set with no date.

I view my tasks in a dashboard note As you can see in the screenshot, I divide the list into 5 priorities searches The bottom category has no start date reminder date.

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Back to my original point; I do not want to see a dated reminder in my calendar unless it's an actual event. It was hard for me to visualize the moving parts in the tags and notebooks. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Search In. Recommended Posts.

Posted April 6 edited. Often the result is an app with an incredible UI, that tries to serve many masters. For me, Evernote, which I like to think of as my second brain, is the obvious go to system. Share this post Link to post.

Getting Things Done With Evernote

The second get things done app mentioned here is Nirvana which comes with smart features to get things done faster. Designed with native lists, Nirvana flexibly fits all the tasks following their context.

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It also allows you to quickly capture all of your ideas in one place thanks to inbox functionality feature. However, the most outstanding feature of Nirvana is the energy level field of each task.

What is the GTD Method?

When a task is added, you can set the energy level of that task, which will help you define the level of attention the task requires. Besides that, you also can estimate how much time is needed for getting it done. Offering simple approach on the GTD method with rich feature set for managing tasks, Todoist is one of the top recommendations for to-do list management apps. The interesting feature of Todoist is performance review which you can check your implement via visually beautiful charts and graphs.

By looking at the nicely graphical visualization, you can easily reflect your action and have plans for future achievement. The intuitive and simple user-interface of OmniFocus allows you to have things done easily and flexibly. Moreover, forecast feature also allows you to see what is in the top of your schedule. Zendone is another task management solution dedicated for Mac and IOS users. Powerful categorization and organization feature make this GTD app listed as number 5 in the list. Zendone offers features which are exactly needed for implementing GTD method such as inbox for saving ideas, lists for reviewing and organizing tasks and do for the next task.

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Besides that, the smart and clean interface of the app enables you to quickly and easily get things done. Looking for a little more just normal GTD app, Notion is absolutely a good choice.

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The tool comes with advanced task management solution as well as smart features to help you get all things done easily without any external add-ons. Having all data organized in one place, Notion allows you to easily access whenever you want.

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It also offers spreadsheets showing record of your performance. Thinking about how and where I work, and who with, I made the following tags: Agenda - manager — things I need to know about or ask for help with next time we meet. Agenda - team — things to share or ask for help with. Home — things I can do from home. Thinking — problem solving, analysing requirements, quoting.