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FixRec will only work for those who have had a mismatch BB error which in your case would never happen. Therefore, using FixRec is definitely not an option here. Therefore, make sure that inside your Hosts file C: NO TinyUmbrella. Finally solve my problem from reading here.

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I am on stuck recovery mode. I have iPhone 3gs IOS 4. Here is what I did. Create custom firmware from sn0wbreeze IOS 4. Restore Custom iOS 4. Upon successful restore, you will be stuck on DFU mode. Re-jailbreak using redsn0w 0. Then re-run redsn0w, Just boot tethered right now. Hi i have a ipod touch 3. Gen mc model with 4.

Did you try FixRecovery as well? FixRecovery is not the same as the one used in TinyUmbrella. Its a standalone cmd line tool to kick you device out of RecoveryLoop. Follow this guide: I am a complete noob at this and messed up my phone. I tried to install a custom boot logo from Cydia. Being the noob that I am did not know what tethered meant and just tried to reboot my phone without plugging it into my computer.

After that my phone would not boot up, it would just stay on the apple boot logo. I have tried to restore it using itunes but i keep getting error code at the end of restoring. I have also tried restoring it in DFU mode but that doesnt seem to work either.

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I even tried manually restoring it but nothing seems to work. You have tried to restore using a stock IPSW file from Apple using which will result in the error. Create a custom IPSW for 4. You may follow this guide http: Allow device to reboot! Help Please! First of all make sure Cydia has your iOS 4. If not, your pretty much stuck.

Make sure you have them by following this: Delete everything from C: Reboot your computer. Launch TinyUmbrella 5. Click on save SHSH button.

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Start TSS Server 7. Restore CFW. E-Mail me the answer. After that, follow it up with a re-run of the exe to get started. What is the issue that your facing whilst using FixRec? I am willing to do the 4. I did save shsh blobs using iFaith, but i think thats only for the 4. I would prefer you to go ahead with 4. That should work for you. Download the latest from here http: And then opened tinyumbrella.

I then started TSS Server. It went through the restoration process with no errors. The snowflake apple showed up on the iPhone during the restoration process and the bar filled up. This is also already after changing the gs. If the restore process has completed without any error, then it means now you can use fixrecovery Download fix recovery for iOS 4. When I restored the phone, it was as if it restored normally and in the end, iTunes says the phone will restart in a few seconds.

However, what happens is the phone blacks out and an iTunes pop-up says it detected a phone in recovery mode. The phone stays in DFU mode. I just tried the fixrecovery It went through a few processes and then after a while, the phone blacks out again. Still stuck in DFU. You need to provide me the LOG of fix recovery you see in command prompt.

Lastly, if everything fails, restore iOS 4. Your iPhone should kick itself out of recovery. Here is a screenshot of the logs of fixrecovery Make sure an instance of iTunes is running in background when you launch fixrecovery It went through those processes again and fixrecovery closed. This confirms that fixrecovery From my past experience, the only possible way to kick your iPhone out of recovery mode loop and get it in working condition is to restore iOS 4.

To create iOS 4. But thanks for all the help! The guy who fixed the phone downgraded it to 4. He restored it on custom 4. Anyway, at least I will know the different methods to try if I face another iPhone problem like this. I was trying to restore a jailbroken iPhone 3GS and then I got stuck at recovery loop.

The phone was on iOS 4. I jailbroke with custom IPSW. I attempted to restore the phone via iTunes my mom was complaining of battery drainage so I figured I had to restore and jailbreak again , but then I got stuck on recovery loop. I tried restarting the laptop, using a different laptop, but I still get stuck with errors. I also tried tiny umbrella, both fix and end recovery.

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I think you restored stock iOS 4. Note that restoring stock IPSW of any firmware on your iPhone will simply put it in infinite recovery mode loop. To fix this loop, you need to restore iOS 4. Okay, I tried it. It looked like there was more progress this time. No errors came up during the restore. I followed the steps you gave me and it goes through the restoration process. The phone displays an apple snowflake with a bar below it. I have no idea what to do now. Fine, it is restored to iPhone OS 3. You can now restore iOS 4. Though it is not necessary but you can kick your iPhone out of recovery mode loop using Recboot software.

I used iOS 4. I made a custom one through sn0wbreeze, and used that when I was trying to restore. How can you restore iOS 4. Just use TinyUmbrella http: I am not very familiar with SHSH blobs. This entire process will update your phone to the latest version of iOS. Jailbroken iPhones will be updated to the version the phone was at before it was jail-broken and the device will be re-locked. Both options are efficient ways to restore an iPhone stuck in recovery. Think to yourself when the last time you backed up your phone was.

All the data since then will be lost through that method. It also works across a wide range of iOS devices. How does that sound? Backup data on your iOS devices easily and restore backup files selectively to any device. Aug 16, Start by connecting your USB to your computer only. Hold the power button until the below screen appears then slide to power it off. You will first see the Apple logo which then changes to the recovery logo as seen below. At that point your iPhone will be in recovery. Now direct your attention to iTunes. In that box you can then click "Restore", as seen below, to restore the device to a previously saved backup file.

Available on: Windows Mac. Start Download. If you've accidentally deleted some or all of your text messages by mistake, fret not!

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You can recover deleted text messages from iPhone with a big chance of success, but there's one ingredient that is most important: It happens due to various reasons like broken iPhone. So when it really happens to us, the most important to find these lost data back. For iPhone users, if you have synced your iPhone with iTunes before, it's possible for you to recover lost file from backup that iTunes has made for iPhone.

But if you want to restore lost files from iPhone backup , you need to use a professional third party software to help you. We think the iPhone Backup Extracting Software is just you need. It can help you retrieve your deleted iPhone data, call history, SMS, contacts, video, conveniently. And what you need is to follow the instruction below on how to use this useful software. Transfer music from iPhone to Mac. How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone. Here's also a guide about " extracting numbers from iPhone backup ".

For great majority of cell phone users no matter iPhone,iPad or iPod, data lost look like a disaster for them. Here we give you a hand. It works in almost every iDevice model.


There are three choices for you: As a professionl data recovery tool, iPhone Data Recovery is designed to undelete your iPhone data, recover photos , notes, bookmarks, call history, phone contacts, apps, address book, etc. You can. Turn off your device. When you see the Connect to iTunes screen, release the Home button. If you don't see this screen, try steps 1 through 3 one more time.

You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes. Or you can use iPhone Data Recovery to fast solve this problem. I have same problems too, want to try it next time. When those significant files in your iPhone lost one day, what should you do? In this way, you will lose your data forever for the reason that your old data will replaced by the new ones.

Not only to solve the files recovery problem, but also the deletion of Contacts, SMS, photos, music and more can meet their solution. How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone. I posted it in some other similar threads today and have had three people reply that it worked for them too, and nobody so far saying it hasn't worked with iPhone Data Recovery. And yes, everything was still on my iPad; contacts, web bookmarks, all photos, nothing was changed.

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It just didn't update to iOS 7. If you're still stuck, trying this will not endanger anything at all on your device. Worth a try at least, and I'm guessing it'll work for you to recover lost data of iPhone stuck in recovery mode. After you get the fixed iPhone from the Apple Store, you may find that some of the data in your iPhone are lost. This might not be the problem of the Apple Store, but the problem of the updating itself. If you want to recover the lost files from your iPhone, you can restore iPhone with the iTunes backup. However, if you only lost part of the data, and the iTunes backup is a little out of date, you may not want to use that backup.

Standard Apple method. Launch iTunes on your computer. Connect your phone to your PC and wait for iTunes to recognize your device. An iTunes popup will display that offers to restore your iPhone using your most recent backup, then click "OK". Third-party software method. If the method above still cannot work out.

You can try to use some third-party softwares, like iPhone data recovery. It is compatible with your iPhone model and it can not only recover your iPhone data, but also help you get out of the recovery mode of your iPhone when it stuck in recovery mode. You can visit the following tutorial for more details:.

My iphone4s went black when i accidentally pressed the voicemail button.. You can use iTunes to exit recovery mode. This method will erase everything on the iPhone, but a backup will be created during the restore process, allowing you to recover your data. Now follow the steps below to fix iPhone stuck on recovery mode problem:.