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Google Earth's main benefit is its ability to put the world's geographic information in the reach of students and educators, allowing them to manipulate and create their own geography-based visuals to augment historical learning. In the Showcase section, history teachers can browse through products focusing on "U. Presidents" or "Historical Imagery" to familiarize themselves with Google Earth. The Google Earth for Educators site also contains classroom activities that apply geographic concepts in order to better teach history, culture, literature, and other disciplinary areas—perfect for integrating history across many other curriculum areas.

This section also provides tips and tricks for using Google Earth as a teaching tool and student work showcase, as well as ideas for how to integrate Google Earth into grant projects. Of particular note is the classroom resources section, which provides a basic overview of how Google Earth can be used by history students and teachers, as well as links to lesson plans.

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Additionally, teachers can use the forum to discuss with fellow teachers how to use Google Earth in innovative ways. The first step is to install Google Earth on computers that will be used by students. Teachers should consult with the Instructional Technology specialist at school, or at the school district office, before trying to install Google Earth on school computers.

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Once installed, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with all the tools available. The historical imagery tool is a good place to begin.

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Google provides simple and effective web tutorials for each tool, and the tutorial video for historical imagery will help users become familiar with what can they can learn by viewing cities and how they change over time. For example, satellite images of Washington DC, dating back to , reveal the growth of the Smithsonian museums and the national monuments on the Mall.

As mentioned in the tutorial video, images of Las Vegas from the last 60 years reveal the city's growth and can open up conversations about urban planning, 20th-century migration to the "Sun Belt," or even Las Vegas's history of gambling and organized crime in the post-Prohibition era. Examining New Orleans between and the present helps students understand the destruction of Hurricane Katrina and the recovery efforts that have helped the city prosper once again. Another useful feature to explore is the "layers" function.

The "gallery" category, in particular, provides educators with a seemingly endless list of possibilities by taking advantage of the resources provided by National Geographic, NASA, New York Times , the Discovery network and many other partners. Displaying layers of streets, landmarks, and photos, for example, would help elementary social studies teachers enrich lessons about the community in the early grades. Google Earth also allows users to create new placemarks, polygram shapes, and pathways, and to import images as an overlay.


Other functions found on the top row include viewing selections in Google Maps, emailing Google Earth images to other people, and printing visualizations. Teachers can use these tools to email students specific geographic visuals ahead of a particular lesson or to print Google Earth images for a handout or worksheet.

Finally, the recorded tour feature is helpful for student presentations and projects. Students can prepare their tour by creating historical placemarks and pathways, as well as inserting historical images as overlays.

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Door redactie op 30 november - Google Earth 6. You can enter Street View either by dropping pegman in navigation controls or by zooming in all the way to ground level on places that have Street View. You can see trees in several places, and we will add trees to more places over time. Easy to use historical imagery: When you fly to an area where historical imagery is available, the date of the oldest imagery will appear in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. Ground-level navigation : In Google Earth 6, in addition to flying around features, you can now walk on the ground to explore either 3D buildings and trees or Street View imagery.


The tour recorder now incorporates the activation of Sunlight, Street View, and Historical Imagery modes into the recorded tour. Additionally, the quality of the recording has been significantly improved, including better motion fidelity and better synchronization with sound recording.

Earth on OS X Earth on Windows We are discontinuing support for Google Earth builds that work on Windows Users of Windows can still use the Google Earth 5. This improves the compatibility of Google Earth on different Linux distributions, but requires users to have Linux Standard Base installed on their system. If your Linux system does not have LSB, please install it using apt, yum, smart or up2date.

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As a side effect of moving to LSB, joysticks are currently unsupported. Issues Fixed Addressed issues related to slow internal browser and balloon performance Addressed issues related to broken images in balloons seen in Earth 5. Linux fixes for Flash-induced crashes.