How to clear up a blurry picture on mac

Click the Browse for Images button to choose an image you want to unblur, or simply drag and drop the photo onto the working area of the program. For blur reduction, open the Adjust tab and move the Sharpness slider until it smooths out the fuzziness. Drag the Details slider to the right to emphasize textures.

Besides sharpening, you can try different types of photo correction: move other sliders in the Adjust tab like Contrast and Brightness to further improve your pics. Congratulations, your photos are not blurry anymore! Now all that's left to do is click the Save button to save the photos to the hard drive.


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You should start by increasing your ISO. This is a trade-off, as higher ISOs will cause more graininess in the final image.

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The second tool you have is to increase the size of your aperture and get closer to the subject of your shot. The downside of this approach is that you may lose depth of field and the figures in the fore- or background may be out of focus. No matter what tool you use, the first thing to do is to make a backup copy of the image file you are going to work with! Photoshop has several tools you can use to unblur images. I know of three different ways to achieve a much sharper image from an initially blurry image.

Each does things slightly differently and works better or worse in different situations. You just need a little trial and error to figure out which is which. If you use a newer version of Photoshop, you can also use camera shake reduction to reduce blur in images.

This final option has Photoshop do all the work. No user input as to settings and levels is required. As long as you have preview enabled, you should see the before and after image side by side. It is an excellent program that can do a lot. GIMP is free, open-source and it is a very feature-rich application that I often recommend to people.

As you select parts of the image to sharpen, GIMP automatically does its work.

How to Sharpen a Blurry Photo on Window/Mac

You should see the image dynamically sharpen as you move your mouse. Sharpening is not one of its strong suits but it does a credible job of reducing blur in images.

How to Make Blurry Pictures Clear

The Sharpen tool can then introduce noise to the image. You may be able to reduce that by using Effects and Noise Reduction. Again, adjust until you are happy.

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Snapseed is an app from Google that works on both Android and iPhones. It is a full image editor that works on most newer devices and has a very full feature set. One thing Snapseed does especially well is sharpening images. You can also selectively blur images, too, if you want to go the other way. Regardless, this is how you get it done in Snapseed:. Both Sharpen and Structure combine to make a lot of difference to a once blurry image.

I tend to use Sharpen first to remove as much blur as possible and then use Structure to bring back the detail. This will take a little trial and error until you get the levels just to your liking, but once you do your image should be crystal clear and ready to go. You'll also have to use the advanced Lighting sliders to counter-balance some of the darkening that results from increasing the Pop. It will require a lot of back and forth playing around with the tools, but if the original image is only slightly out of focus you might end up with a half decent picture.

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4 Quick Ways to Pixelate or Blur out Part of an Image on Mac

User I have the same problem on my Mac. The thumbnail is clear but when the photo is opened it's blurry. But if I zoom in or out then it becomes is clear again. Mar La. My pictures were clear qhen i took my photos and saved them to my google storage. Problem is qhen i open up these photos in the google photo storage they are very out of focus. I am having same issue. Bob Price Trist Maw. This question is locked and replying has been disabled.

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