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AdamA9 macrumors Feb 2, 1, I also have Nest on HomeKit via Homebridge. It wasn't the simplest to do and took me about an hour to setup from unpacking a Rasberry Pi to being able to say 'Hey Siri'. I'm not technical at all, so you might be able to do it quicker than me. Nell said:. Reactions: ColoArtist.

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I too use HomeBridge for Nest amongst other things. As AdamA9 says it is relatively easy to setup on a Raspberry Pi. There is nothing that Siri can't do now that Alexa can Feel free to PM me anyone if you need a bit of help as I am about 2 years into my Home Automation journey and have got everything working with Siri that I need - officially supported or not I even have a nice automation that triggers an alarm when the washing machine is done - not using a smart washer, but just a WeMo plug on the end of it with energy monitoring. Reactions: ColoArtist and AdamA9.

InfiniteJoules macrumors regular. Dec 12, Gotham City. So far I have six installed in my home with continued plans to place one in every room in the house. My suggestion for guys if start getting these is to place them in all of the bedrooms first. After that place them in this order. This suggestion just comes from years of taking calls and the most likely places for fires or CO leaks to start. With having the ability to prebuild a text message to send to a Center, Nest Protect would be able to notify them of a fire or CO emergency whether or not your home.

Testing the Nest Smoke Alarm with Solo A4 Smoke

InfiniteJoules said:. AdamA9 said:. This might be a stupid question, but why do you need one is every room in the house? Seems a bit overkill? I have three, one on each floor of the house in the hallway. Why would this not be enough? Your question is in no way stupid. Fire spreads very quickly! For example if you have a fire that starts on the first floor in a corner room and the door is locked.

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How long is that fire consuming your home before you know about it? Before it reaches that smoke detector. The more smoke detectors the quicker you can respond to it to put it out with an extinguisher. Same principle for the fire department.

The sooner the fire department is notified of a fire the sooner they can arrive and put it out before it extends to other parts of the house. When it comes to structure fires, timing plays a massive role. For example: I received a call of a structure fire at a residence from a neighbor. A fire had started in the kitchen area and had extended to the living room. The smoke detector in the living room went off but by that time it was too late for the home owners to get out.

They passed away.

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Another call was for a lightning strike on a residence. They thought it had struck a tree or the ground somewhere nearby. By the time the owners called because they had smelled something burning. When the fire department arrived all they could basically do was an exterior attack because the house was to fully involved to make an interior attack. They ended up losing their home. Another was for a car that had caught fire in the garage.

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The home owners had gotten home and parked in their garage and went inside. They lost that entire section of the home. I can go on and on with examples. Put smoke detectors in as many rooms as possible. Clean out your entire dryer vent tubing using a dryer duct cleaning kit. Reinforce your exterior doors to reduce burglars from getting in.

Nest Thermostat - Wifi Connection Issue

Add motion LED flood lights to each corner of your house. The fact that your doors are reinforced. Garage door codes. All of this information will be added to their CAD system.

The first responders will be giving all of that information at the moment they are dispatched. Also remember that not all fire departments are paid fire departments were personnel are sitting around waiting on a call. Some departments are volunteers. So those firefighters have to respond from their home or work to the fire station to pick up the apparatus and wait for additional fire fighters to show up before they can respond to your emergency.

Again this is were timing is everything. Literally, every second counts. Thank you for the detailed reply. I should probably point out that I live in England, so probably makes a little difference as I believe there are structural differences here, plus it is regulation for me to have fire doors internally throughout the house. I have a open plan lower floor and every room in the next two floors has fire doors. One is battery-powered and the other is designed to replace hard-wired smoke detectors. You also get the choice of white or black.

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Personally I think the black one is pretty cool, but it is totally out of character for my traditional-looking house, so I stuck with white. If you are hard-wiring your smoke detector, it is as simple as connecting the white and black power lines to your circuit with a couple of wire nuts. If you have a hard-wired smoke detector, you need to turn off the power at the breaker since it uses V like an outlet. The bracket is properly-sized for common electrical boxes and it also comes pre-packaged with mounting screws if you need them for a different location.

The ring lights up and a pleasant female voice asks you which language you would like and tells you that it is ready.

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At this point, you switch to the Nest iPhone app to add the device into your home wi-fi network. Then you switch your iPhone to the wi-fi network being hosted by the Nest Protect. Once it is done, you can see the status of the device on your iPhone, iPad or on their website. Nest Protect also works in conjunction with Android phones. The Nest Protect is chock full of sensors. Obviously it needs a smoke sensor, but it also includes a carbon monoxide sensor so that you can protect against that dangerous combustion gas without having to purchase a separate device. The latter will apparently be used to detect the differences between smoke and steam.

The device also has a dual wireless radio. The If you have multiple smoke alarms in the house, an My favorite feature of the Nest Protect is the light ring. When there is an alarm, it glows red. When you shut off your lights at night, it briefly glows green to tell you that the device is functioning properly.

The light ring is also tied to the motion sensors and knows when you get up at night so that it can give a soft white glow to light your way. The motion-activated nightlight is super cool, probably a killer feature for many. I ran the device through a smoke test using a candle. In addition to a high-volume siren, the device announces the problem in a loud female voice, also telling you the location, since you labeled the location during setup.

Apparently children are more easily awoken by a human voice, rather than beeping, so a little added safety feature here. If you have multiple Protects in the home, they will all synchronize their warnings. When it detects a small amount of smoke, like when you are cooking, forget the ladder or broom handle to silence it.

Just stand underneath and waive your arm back and forth. The ability to hush the alarm is disabled for larger amounts of smoke or heat.