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This has been a long time pain in the butt with Mountain Lion and there are many threads about it on the apple support forums. I only hope they fix this in Hy muskokans, can you tell me how you get SMBUp to work? I have installed SMBUp on After that i opened the program and setup a shared folder. The application must shut down. So i can see the folder on my Windows 7 machine but i can not access it. Post review.


Most helpful. It Works!!! Thanks a lot for this utility. Like 1. Has anyone tried this on El Capitan? Does it still function fine? That's great to know, thanks for the info! I have a late imac duo core with 3GB of memory running Mountain Lion. I could not access the drives on the imac after upgrading from leopard.

These are very large media drives of 2x4TB's and 1x12TB. Now everything runs very slow almost coming to a stand still. I'm now considering downgrading back to Leopard as I use the iMac mainly as a media server.

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This would be really nice to see fleshed out more fully and kept more up to date perhaps even integrate with Homebrew's samba install. I'd be willing to pay a little for an app such as this that keeps abreast of any and all updates. The new Apple smbd is just buggy as all get out and has about driven me insane with a mixed network environment.

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Even thought installing "Server" would help, but to no avail. Great idea, but unfortunately it did not work as I expected. There were multiple permission and access errors when I tried to configure a guest shared folder to access from Win7PC, so I just gave up. But the app is really promising.

A life saver! Was about to downgrade back to SnowLeopard when I came across this gem.

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Worked flawlessly from the get go and I dare say it feels even more stable than the original Samba on my Leopard OS. Thanks a lot. This worked fantastic. Dead simple setup. I ran it and it said i should redo samba I did try the macports install without luck in the past I hit ok.