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Lord of the Rings Online on Mac: Do not update to Catalina! | Mac Gamer HQ

Launch PyLotRO and use the tools pull-down, "patch. Subsequent patch runs will take the same amount of time as they take no a PC Wierd I posted a third comment, and got an email bout it, but it isn't visible First of all, I'd like to thank you for writing this up. It saved me a lot of time. I do have a question though. I noticed that you said that I only downloaded the Siege of Mirkwood client.


Will that come when I finish patching it? You do not need the other clients as the result would be to be updated to the latest one after hours and hours of patching. The client is the same for everyone and depending on their subscription status the can or cannot see the in game content. So to save time from patching which still takes alot of time download the mirkwood client instead of the previous ones.

I don't know the EU clients available.

However I don't think he has updated it recently. I know it has not been updated since the October update. It is certainly true for the NA server clients that you only need to download the Mirkwood version which is the one available from OZ. So I've run into another problem.

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I downloaded the right patch and applied it to the LotR bottle. The patch does its thing for a while but says "Failed! I tried booting it up anyways and it gets to the title screen up to the point of "loading characters" or something, but then the screen goes black and I am forced to restart my mac.

I don't think I have missed anything other than the failed patch. Is there a reason why it isn't finishing?

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It sounds like a pylotro issue. You can try getting the patchclient2. Thank you for very usefull information..

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Lord Of The Rings Online - First Impressions - How Is This Old MMORPG Looking In 2018?

Them sneaky bees, they updated the Happy Cloud installer in complete silence, without a word of acknowledgement. This thread would have been the perfect place to announce that they have looked into the problem and sorted it out.

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And i also realized that Mac Technical Assistance is a users only part of the forums where users assist users. I am a fresh Mac OS user as well, getting around in these uncharted territories can be an ardous journey. Now that the crisis seem to be averted i would like to thank the fellow users and lurking tech staff. I had the same problem, but found a workaround that works for me. You can use this to start the game like normal. Hope this works for others! I finally got it to work on the second download.

I suspect you are simply not waiting long enough.

Lord of the rings online mac client

BTW, I've never heard of Steam crashing and deleting a game. Firstly, LOTRO updates through its own launcher, not through Steam, so if you were installing something through Steam it must have been a whole new copy of the game. I too have never heard of Steam crashing and deleting a game; are you sure that it was actually deleted? It sounds like what is happening is LOTRO is trying to work around files that are already there from the last failed install.

If it's still not working, I would try to uninstall the game completely, then manually delete any related files I'm not sure of the exact folder locations on a Mac, but I'm sure that information is readily available via google search. Then, restart your computer and trying reinstalling fresh through Steam.