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I tested the adapter via both a Mac mini with USB 3. With a nearby Your wireless network environment and resulting performance will vary from mine—and minute to minute, too. I found the Edimax utility and menu a little funky. On my MacBook, the menu disappeared, and I logged out of my account and back in to restore it.

That worked, and then it was stable. I initially entered the network password incorrectly on one machine, and subsequent connection attempts noted the password was wrong without allowing me to re-enter the right one. The workaround is to select Open Wireless Utility, select the network, and enter the password there.

Edimax earns big points by including an uninstaller along with its installer. A big warning on size: the adapter is really tiny. I almost lost it in testing when it slipped out of my grasp. This is to keep it low profile, and the assumption is that most users will likely leave it in all the time. However, the small format means a tiny antenna, too, so you might find throughput is inconsistent depending on objects around the side of your Mac and its orientation to a base station.

Wi-Fi signals penetrate objects, but the denser an object and the more objects between an adapter and a base station, the less power that gets through or can be received. At a Glance. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details. I spent an hour trying to get my Brandluxe usb modem to work and eventually, frustrated, gave up after trying to install their own drivers form their website, trying apple stores version of it and failing as well.

Wow man. This 5 min of tutorial gave me more help than 5 hours of tech support.

You deserve a raise. Thank you so much for this. I was installing a hundred apks and this was the best and fastest solution. Keep on with the good work! How ever I love to use my mac….. I was actually looking for a fix to get my Nexus 4 to connect to a shared connection from my Mac has a 4G datastick, and shared Internet over wi-fi. The N4 connects to the Mac but has zero Internet access.

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In fact the whole joshuawise site is down. Most likely just a temporary issue. I just purchased a Nexus 5 from the play store. It has Android 4.

The Best USB WiFi Adapters For Your Hackintosh

Until then I thought Id give this a try. Everything goes as planned until I reach step 6, you should now be online. Hey man, I had the same problem — and after a while, I found that enabling USB debugging in developer options solves the problem! I have it working with Nexus 5 on 4. It just takes a moment for it to go through. My old mac have a 0sx Is it because I have Maverick as opposed to Mountain Lion or older versions of their os x? HTC One Android 4. Had to ctrl-Open the. Is it possible to do the reverse?

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Thank you. I usually use my Mac as an AP by board cast wifi for my phone. This is great Advice. BUT I have a problem I have had my android phone tethered to my mac book many times before however this last week a couple of times it has said its connected with the green light in system prefrences but not been able to connect hmm so after a bit of fidlling turning computer and device on and off and resetting the settings it works again.

This has happened more and more this last couple of days and now I have also had my mac book kind of scrol down a darkened page and demand to be turned off and on. I have just tried my boyfriends android device and the same thing has happened so I presume it is the mac with the problm. Any thoughts or tips on this? Pls help. Ofcz it is possible! You can even share your internet as WiFi so that all other devices can connect to your Mac.

Thanks, MacTip, for the info. Do you know how I can fix this? Thanks so much.

Yeah, OK. There it is in Network preferences. Looks like too much 3rd party involvement with my data; like tapping an artery. Nothing is ever free. There MUST be a better, more direct, way.

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Now this appears to be the solution. Still to test: will the connection go thru a usb c to usb 3 converter?? Downloaded the file, but my issue is that I am unable to see my s8 in my network options, though my phone is plugged in and USB tethering is turned on. I needed to reboot to get the drivers working, but other than that, tethering seems to be working perfectly.

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Enable wireless on Mac OSX machine

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