Installing numpy on mac 10.6

Install Python, Numpy, Matplotlib, Scipy on Windows

I cannot take credit for the instructions in this article. I followed the directions, and miraculously they worked. I am reproducing them here for Google bait. Download the universal Mac 2. Verify that your new version of Python is bit enabled.

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Note: Python installations typically do not get toggled as the default Python, so find the location of the 2. Load Python 2.

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If you get 64 , then you are ready to proceed. Another way is to execute the following.

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  • Instructions for Installing 64bit SciPy, Python 2.7.1 on MacOS X 10.6?
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If you get and NOT L you are in good shape. Download gfortran NOTE: From this point forward, I dropped to the root command prompt sudo su - so that I had full control over the environment. Locate the Python 2. The next few steps follow the typical Python package installation method. I use python2. There are two important things to remember here:.

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Finally, we can install NumPy. Version 1.

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Then, open Python and execute the following to import the library, and test it. On my system, all tests passed.

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On my system, all but 14 tests passed. IPython provides an enhanced command line interface to the Python interpreter. It is much more pleasant to work with than the standard command line interface. Up until recently, this was the blocker in the process — there was no bit version of wxPython for Mac. Download the DMG here and double click the installer. Versions for Cocoa and Carbon are provided, but Python 2.

Installing matplotlib is always the most complicated part of the process. However, we strongly recommend installing the official Python distribution. Ensure that all components are installed by choosing customize when available during the install process and selecting all optional packages - at least the X11 development tools and on OS X We recommend gfortran; this is a free, open source, F95 compiler. We suggest you use the following binaries:. See this site for the most recent links.

python - cant install numpy on mac os x with pip and homebrew fails - Super User

Unless you are building from released source packages, the Cython compiler is also needed. Snow Leopard is 64 bit, and everything runs only in Cocoa. Meaning that a whole bunch of Python libraries in Carbon are utterly useless to you. So you really must compile from source if you want matplotlib to work on a recent Macbook installed with Snow Leopard.

So if you haven't installed from source before, you'd better learn how to use the terminal and install Apple's Xcode on your computer before anything else don't forget to reboot the terminal after the installation. You can then install Python 2. Now you might be tempted to stick with the default Python that comes with Snow Leopard, but for some reason unfathomable to me, Apple puts Python 2. It turns out that numpy and matplotlib talk to each other through the C API, so they must be built from the same compiler.

In fact, you should find the 'site-packages' directory and delete existing 'numpy', 'matplolib' and 'pylab' modules before you continue. For some reason, the pypi entry is corrupted and they pull down a much older version of matplotlib that is not compatible with python 2. Installing numpy is straightforward. Download the latest stable source, and do the classic 'sudo python setup.